Els Encants de Barcelona-Fira Bellcaire, with more than seven centuries of existence, is one of the oldest and still existing markets in Europe. Its origins date back to the 13th century. This is one of the main reasons that make this market one of the most well reputed and most visited places in the city. With more than 750 years of history, it has been located provisionally in different areas of Barcelona until now. Since 2013 Els Encants has a new location: La Plaça de Les Glòries next to the Teatre Nacional and the Museu del Disseny.

Nowadays you can find almost everything, but in its beginnings the market was full of rag-and-bone-man, booksellers, and scrap dealers. These new facilities in addition to the shops and the auction plaza has more to offer with catering services, offices, toilets, a multipurpose room and parking with capacity for about 300 vehicles.

During the celebration of the Xmas holidays, the client asked us to design the promotional campaign, which consisted of external banners, flyers, advertisement in the main newspapers and on the metropolitan transport of the city, social media channels and website.

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